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We customize policies based on your individual needs.

When we accept the appraisal for an instrument and/or equipment, these items will be covered under Agreed Value Clause. The advantage of this type of valuation is that when a covered loss occurs, the insurance company will not question the value of your instrument after a loss, so you are guaranteed to receive the full amount of its listed value.

In most cases, we can give you a quote – and answer any questions you may have with just one brief conversation. It really is that easy to protect with Heritage!

Your Heritage policy’s competitive pricing will depend on a number of factors:

  • the value of your instruments and schedules
  • types of instruments being insured
  • existing protection such as alarms and safes
  • previous loss experience
  • your special coverage needs
  • Use, travel, storage, and location

We can issue a policy for as little as $200.00 per year. Plus, Heritage policies are usually written with little or no deductible.

Your policy can be effective within minutes and you’ll receive it by 1st class mail within 5 -20 days.

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