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We've taken the hassle out of getting a cost quotation and coverage placement!

We will contact you upon receipt of your application to discuss your coverage and answer any questions.
You will receive a formal proposal to review. Proposals also include options for insuring buildings, General Liability, Business Interruption, Workers Compensation, and Commercial Automobiles.
If you would like us to issue your coverage, we can activate your coverage immediately and confirm the placement. Installment payment programs are available.
You’ll receive your policy within 5 - 20 days of issuance. The billing for your policy will also arrive by first-class mail under separate cover around the same time.

Our minimum premium to issue a policy is $350.00 per year. Most policies are written with a deductible of $500.00 per loss. Higher deductibles are available if desired. If your customer's instrument or related accessories are lost or damaged, the deductible is waived completely.