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Workbench Policy

Four Coverage Limits

The Heritage Workbench Policy for Dealers, Makers, & Repair Shops features four coverage limits. You simply select the amount of each limit on the Application that meets your needs.

  1. Musical Instruments and Related Accessories on your shop premises - owned or non-owned.
  2. Musical Instruments and Related Accessories away from your shop premises - owned or non-owned.
  3. Miscellaneous Business Property on your shop premises.
  4. Musical Instruments and Related Accessories in the custody of a transporting carrier (shipment)

Coverage for your inventory and customers instruments is only the beginning. The policy also provides coverage for accessories such as electrical gear and equipment, cases, straps, books, amplifiers, sheet music, musically related memorabilia and collectables and parts of instruments.

Furniture, office supplies and equipment, raw materials, fixtures, machinery, tools, fittings, patterns, dies, molds, models, improvements and betterments and outdoor signs are also covered on a replacement cost basis.

The policy covers risks of direct physical damage and loss, and it covers musical instruments worldwide. This includes, but is not limited to, the following kinds of losses:
Breakage caused by pressure or impact

Instruments that have been dropped, crushed or fallen over, hit by thrown objects, or been subjected to external pressure.

Ensuing Loss of Value consequential of breakage

Instruments that have been repaired often suffer loss in value regardless of the success of that repair. When this occurs, you will be paid for the cost of the repair AND the devaluation. Certain types of losses create a significant amount of devaluation.

For instance, a "post" crack in the back of a violin could be between 40% and 60% of the insured value. A headstock which breaks on a guitar could result in a 60% devaluation or more. Most standard insurance companies do NOT include devaluation. At Heritage, every musical instrument policy we insure issue includes a clause to cover ensuing loss of value.

Work in process

Sometimes an instrument is damaged during the repair process. While most policies exclude this type of damage, your Heritage Workbench Policy provides $20,000.00 per loss to cover faulty workmanship for both owned and non-owned instruments and even extends to the work performed by your subcontractors.


When you lend musical instruments to potential buyers, other dealers, repairmen, etc., there's always the concern that something will happen to them. The Heritage Workbench Policy covers this exposure in the custody of the person to whom it was entrusted and to someone they entrust it to. You'll even be protected against the potential dishonesty of persons entrusted with such property.

Shipment, Air Cargo, Unattended Auto

These situations probably represent a much greater exposure to loss than at any other time. The Heritage Workbench Policy provides coverage for such situations on a worldwide basis.

Deferred Payment Sales

Covers amounts owned to you up to $15,000 per year under a deferred sales agreement which goes beyond 90 days and are not collectable.

Musical Instrument Repossession

Covers up to $15,000 per year when instruments are repossessed by the rightful owner in situations where legal title did not exist when purchased by you.

Covers rentals of instruments

Covers loss or damage to musical instruments rented by you to customers under a written sales agreement.


The deductible is eliminated when a loss occurs to a customer's instrument.

Preservation of Property

When a threat of imminent loss or damage requires that property be removed, temporarily stored at another location and then returned to the shop premises, the policy will provide $5000.00 to defray your expenses.

Typical perils insured

Instruments and shop property damaged or lost to flood, fire, water damage, theft, collision, vandalism, earthquake, hail, tornado, terrorism, collapse, temperature & humidity and most other "Acts of God" or man are covered under the Heritage Workbench Policy.

Summary of What's NOT covered under the Heritage Workbench Policy:
  • Governmental action, seizure or confiscation
  • Nuclear hazard
  • War and military action
  • Failure of a pre-existing repair
  • Consequential loss other than ensuing loss of value
  • Shortage disclosed upon taking inventory
  • Dishonest acts by employees
  • Wear and tear
  • Hidden or latent defect
  • Gradual deterioration
  • Insects, vermin rodents or worms
  • Shipments by package delivery services that cannot be tracked
  • Pollution
  • Accounts, bills, currency, deeds, evidences of debt, money, notes, securities, jewelry, or other valuable papers.
  • Fraudulent use of credit cards, charge backs, counterfeit certified checks or money orders, dishonored personal checks or the failure of any monetary instrument.

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