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Claims Handling

Painless Claims Handling & The ‘Devaluation Advantage’

Most music instrument losses are related to some type of damage from perils like impact-related breakage, water damage, flood, collision, heat and fire, etc. In most cases, such losses are partial and the instrument can be repaired. But there may be devaluation.

This is where you’ll discover a major Heritage advantage: Unlike many providers, we will cover both your repair cost AND the devaluation of your instrument.

Total losses are infrequent compared to partial losses. The most common total losses involve theft, fire, or water damage. We’ve seen total losses caused by natural disasters including hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, forest fires, tornados, even mudslides.

The handling of your claim will depend on the extent of your loss. If you wish to pursue a claim, call Heritage or your insurance carrier to report it. We will participate in the claims process between you and the carrier to help ensure a fair settlement.

Claims of a catastrophic nature should be reported to the insurance company directly and immediately. Then Heritage will coordinate the adjustment with the insurer and you.

Our Insurance Company Partners Are All Rated “A” (Excellent) or Better by A.M. Best And Co

  • Great American Insurance Group
  • Trumbull Insurance Company (The Hartford Group)
  • XL Specialty Insurance Co.

In our 30+ years of experience, all of these companies have consistently settled and paid our customers’ claims, both large and small, fairly and expeditiously. That’s one less worry!

Protect it now. As a Heritage policy owner, you won’t just have peace of mind knowing that your instrument is protected. You will also know exactly what to do if it’s ever damaged or destroyed:

Call, fax, e-mail or click on “File a Claim” link at the top of page. We’ll take it from there.

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