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Whether you play, collect, or own fine musical instruments - or if you sell, repair, or build them - Heritage Insurance Services has state of the art coverage to meet your needs worldwide.

Dealers, Makers and Repair Shops are insured under the Heritage "Workbench Policy" designed specifically for the musical arts trade. Owners of fine musical instruments are insured under our Heritage Musical Instrument Policy.

Heritage is proud to have more than 10,000 clients throughout the United States and Canada.

Players & Collectors
Dealers, Makers & Repair Shops

What others are saying about Heritage...

"Heritage is great because you can talk to them about concerns particular to musical instruments, and they know what you are talking about! They are also very good at identifying and explaining to you what is and what is not covered. And they are very responsive and easy to deal with."
- Dave N.
"I have Heritage, too... They've been very laid back and easy to deal with, and I have confidence that they'll come through if I ever need them."
- Judith M.
"I have Heritage and have been very pleased with their service. I have had two claims, and they settled both very quickly."
- G. F.
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