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Single-source coverage for businesses that make, sell, or
repair new and vintage professional-quality instruments

The Heritage Policy for [Makers, Repair Shops & Dealers] features 4 coverage limits. You simply select the amount of each limit on the Application download that will meet your needs. For our Home Based Business Product click here.

  1. Musical Instruments on your shop premises – owned or non-owned.
  2. Musical Instruments off your shop premises – owned or non-owned.
  3. Miscellaneous Business Property on your shop premises.
  4. Musical Instruments in shipment.

Coverage for your inventory and customers’ instruments is only the beginning.
The policy also provides replacement cost coverage for your tools, equipment, furniture, raw materials, show cases, improvements and most other property used by your business.

The policy covers risks of direct physical loss, and it covers musical instruments worldwide. This includes, but is not limited to, the following kinds of losses:

  • Breakage caused by pressure or impact – Instruments that have been dropped, crushed or fallen over, hit by thrown objects, or been subjected to external pressure.

  • Devaluation consequential of breakage – Instruments that have been repaired often suffer loss in value regardless of the success of that repair. When this occurs, you will be paid for the cost of the repair AND the devaluation. Certain types of losses create a significant amount of devaluation.

    • For instance, a “post” crack in the back of a violin could be between 40% and 60% of the insured value. A headstock which breaks on a guitar could result in a 60% devaluation or more. Most standard insurance companies do NOT include devaluation – you must specifically add it to the policy. At Heritage, every musical instrument policy we issue includes a devaluation clause.

  • Work in process – Sometimes an instrument is damaged during the repair process. While most policies exclude this type of damage, your Heritage Policy provides $10,000.00 per loss to cover such a situation when the instrument is non-owned.

  • Entrustment – When you lend musical instruments to potential buyers, other dealers, repairmen, etc., there’s always the concern that something will happen to them. The Heritage Policy covers this exposure so long as the instrument stays in the custody of the person to whom it was entrusted. You’ll even be protected against the potential dishonesty of persons entrusted with such property.

  • Shipment, Air Cargo, Unattended Auto – These situations probably represent a much greater exposure to loss than at any other time. The Heritage Policy provides coverage for such situations on a worldwide basis.

  • Other perils insured – Instruments and shop property damaged or lost to flood, fire, water damage, theft, collision, vandalism, earthquake, hail, tornado, terrorism, collapse, temperature & humidity and most other “Acts of God” or man are covered under the Heritage Policy.

  • PLUS Building insurance, General Liability insurance, Business interruptions, and Workers’ Compensation protection – Just tell us what you need – we’re flexible enough to make it work specifically for you and your business.

What’s NOT covered under the Heritage Policy:

  • Governmental action, seizure or confiscation
  • Nuclear hazard
  • War and military action
  • Marring and scratching
  • Consequential loss other than devaluation
  • Unexplained disappearance or shortage upon taking inventory
  • Dishonest acts by employees or authorized representatives
  • Wear and tear
  • Hidden or latent defect
  • Gradual deterioration
  • Insects, vermin or rodents

The following types of property and scenarios are also excluded from loss:

  • Musical instruments that have been sold and delivered to customers inclusive of deferred payment agreements
  • Musical instruments that are rented to customers
  • Shipments that cannot be tracked
  • Contraband or property in the course of illegal transportation
  • Accounts, bills, currency, deeds, evidences of debt, money, notes, securities, precious metals, jewelry, appraisals of value, documents of authenticity or other valuable papers.

Home Based Business Product

Our Home Based Business Product is designed for small, home based businesses with exposures that are either limited or excluded by the ISO Home-owners. Product .Specifically our product offers liability coverage that is not currently available under the ISO Homeowners policy, as well as business personal property protection above the ISO form’s $2,500 property limitation.


  • Liability coverage up to $1,000,000
  • Business Personal Property coverage up to $100,000
  • Off-Premises coverage
  • Loss of Business Income coverage
  • Optional coverage for Money and Securities
  • Equipment Breakdown coverage included in the basic premium
  • Professional Errors & Omissions sublimity of $25,000 for specificed classes
  • Satisfies most show and event liability requirements
  • A.M. Best rated A++ carrier


  • Coverage for select home based businesses with up to $500,00 in Gross Annual Sales
  • Businesses with no more than one employee (in addition to the owner}
  • Businesses that are sole proprietorships, partnerships, LLC’s, or corporations
  • Optional Additional Insured Coverage for grantor franchises, mortgagee, lessor of leased equipment, and more. . .
  • No more than two business related claims in the previous three (3) years


  • Fast and easy access to quote this product on our website
  • Superior Policy Issuance

Eligible Home Based Business Classes:

  • Musical Instrument sales\repairs
  • Musical performers (excluding bands)
  • Music teachers\tudors\lessons
  • Over 150 eligible business classes not just music related.

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